Serious Injury, Serious Attorney
Auto Accidents
Personal Injury Protection (PIP) Benefits

Our firm will ensure you receive PIP benefits to help  pay for your medical bills, loss wages, prescription expenses and more. 
Property Damage (PD) Coverage

We will help you get your vehicle repaired or paid-off if totaled as a result of the collision.  We will also help you obtain a diminished value claim for the loss of value to your vehicle. 
Bodily Injury (BI) &
Uninsured Motorist (UM) Coverage

We will seek to obtain insurance coverage to compensate you for your permanent injuries, mental anguish, pain & suffering and more.  
Worker's Compensation
Dog Bites
Slip & Falls
Medical Malpractice
Other Practice Areas
Defamation, Nursing Home Abuse & Neglect, Negligent Security/Shooting Cases, Trucking Accidents, Swimming Pools, and more.

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  1. Auto Accidents
    Bus Accidents Car Accidents Hit & Runs Motorcycle Accidents Trucking Accidents
  2. Personal Injury
    Dog Bites Tenant Injuries Medical Malpractice Wrongful Death Defamation/Libel Negligent Security Pool Accidents Bicycle & Pedestrian Accidents Boating Accidents
  3. Slip & Falls
    Areas Include: -Water Spills -Oil -Sidewalks -Tree limbs/roots -Debris
  4. Worker's Injuries
    Construction Injuries Loss Wages Employment Training Worker's Compensation Benefits